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Cyanos Activity October 6

Reconsider activities and limit exposure to the water.
Disclaimer: The information presented below reflects conditions throughout the lake and may differ from conditions on specific shorelines. For information regarding beach closings please contact the Torrington Area Health District or local town officials.

Water clarity increased slightly at all stations but lake water was a brownish color throughout.  Average water clarity across the whole lake was 1.7 meters, with a high of 1.85m and low of 1.45m.  Cyanobacteria numbers dropped considerably from over 100K to less than 30K, however several areas of the lake had large clumps of cyanobacteria near the surface.  The dramatic decline in cyanobacteria cell count numbers was offset by increases in numbers of other types of plankton; Diatoms, Greens, and Dinoflagellates, including the large filament like diatom; Melosira, and large dinoflagellate Ceratium.  Melosira populations cause the water to be brownish as opposed to the green color …

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