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Cyanos Activity October 16, 2022

  Do not expose yourself or your pets to the water. Disclaimer: The information presented below reflects conditions throughout the lake and may differ from conditions on specific shorelines. For information regarding beach closings please contact the Torrington Area Health District or local town officials. On Sunday, October 16th, AER visited Bantam Lake to conduct monthly water quality monitoring and biweekly cyanobacteria monitoring as part of the ongoing lake man-agement program. Water column profile data, total depth measurements, and Secchi transparency data were collected from the North Bay Site (N 41.71087° W -73.21155°), the Center Lake Site (N 41.70056° W -73.22102°), a site west of Folly Point (N 41.70773 W -73.22638), and at a site in the South Bay region of the lake (N 41.69015 W -73.22728). Water samples were collected at the North Bay Site and Center Lake Site for algal analyses. These samples included whole water samples, which were integration of the top three meters of

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