Cyanos Activity Sept. 26

Do not expose yourself or your pets to the water.

Disclaimer: The information presented below reflects conditions throughout the lake and may differ from conditions on specific shorelines. For information regarding beach closings please contact the Torrington Area Health District or local town officials.

Water clarity continued to decline at all stations with Center Lake decreasing to 1.05 meters and North Bay decreasing to 1.4 meters.  Water clarity across the whole lake ranged from a low of 1.0 meters to a high of 1.45 meters.  Cyanobacteria numbers continued to increase at both stations, with 147K at Center Lake and 115K at North Bay.  Cyanobacteria was composed of several genera although Aphanizomenon was dominant.  Dissolved oxygen saturation values were the highest so far recorded this season at Bantam Lake with all stations (14) having surface saturation values >130%.  This means that phytoplankton are continuing to grow so water clarity will continue to decline in the days and weeks ahead, especially if water temperatures continue to remain warm.  Cyanobacteria slicks (dense masses of algae floating on the lake in open water) and scums (dense wind-rows of algae collecting along the shore) are probably going to be more pronounced especially along the north shore and worsen in the days and weeks ahead.    No anoxic water was found anywhere in the lake.

Bantam Lake, CT 2017 Cyanobacteria Cell Count and CT DPH 2017 Recreational Waters Category Guidelines (Green = Safe, Yellow = Caution, Red = Posted Advisory)
Bantam Lake, CT 2017 Secchi Depth

Data is collected and analyzed by Northeast Aquatic Research, who is contracted by Bantam Lake Protective Association.

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