Post Cyanos & Weed Control July 26

No Restrictions for some activities while some restrictions still apply.
No restrictions for swimming or fishing. 
Restrictions on water usage for irrigation, livestock watering, and domestic purposes.


Selected areas of Bantam Lake will be chemically treated with Reward (diquat) & Aquathol-K (endothall) herbicides for control of nuisance aquatic vegetation. Additionally, the lake will be treated with copper sulfate to manage nuisance blue-green algae.  The treatment is scheduled for Thursday, July 26th.  Use of the lake water within and for a distance of 500-feet beyond the treatment areas (shown below) will be restricted for swimming on the day of treatment, livestock watering for 1 day or until July 28th drinking/domestic purposes for 3 days following treatment or until July 30th, and irrigation for 5-days following treatment or until August 1st. There are no restrictions on boating or fishing and the CT DEEP & Town boat ramps will remain open.  Prior to treatment, the lake shoreline will be posted with signs showing the treatment areas and applicable water use restrictions in accordance with DEEP requirements. This chemical treatment at Bantam Lake is being performed, pursuant to a permit from CT DEEP.  The chemical treatment is but one part of a comprehensive watershed assessment and in-lake management program that is well underway.  The projects organizers and proponents include the Bantam Lake Protective Association, the Bantam Lake Authority, the Towns of Morris and Litchfield, and the White Memorial Foundation.  SOLitude Lake Management of Shrewsbury, MA, is the CT licensed company performing the chemical treatment and is a consultant to the Bantam Lake Protective Association.

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